Single Crochet Chevron Blanket



Will a chevron ever go out of style? I don’t think so. I remember this from my childhood, made with a lot of orange and browns however, but the new updated colors make this a classic. I love the white in between each color change.

This is made with “I love this cotton” brand of yarn from Hobby Lobby. I bought it on sale for 2.66 a skein and I am finding that almost one skein is needed to complete 8 rows.

Here is the pattern I created and used. I have done a lot of other chevron blankets so I have learned the basics of what it takes. (Three single crochet in one stitch to make a peak, skip two single crochet at the bottom to make the valley, single crochet two together, chain one and turn on each end.) But I wanted this chevron to be more severe looking with higher peaks and valleys, so I had to map something out and here is what I came up with:

For the starting chain: each peak and valley is 30 chains so do a combination that equals how many peaks and valley’s you want. For this blanket I did 150 for 5 peaks. I am planning on giving it away as a baby blanket. For a lap quilt or throw I think 7 peaks would be plenty and so 210 chains would be your answer.

So here is the pattern the best way I can explain:

(note: All stitches are done in the back loop)

Chain 150 turn. ch 1. In the next chain from hook sctog two, *sc the next 12, in the next ch, sc three times in the same stitch. SC the next 13, skip two chains,* then repeat 5 times except as you end the fifth time, instead of skipping two chain, sctog 2 ch 1 and turn.

I hope this turns out for you and you can understand how to do it. I’m not really a professional crocheter, just love doing it and this pattern is lovely.

UPDATE: I added a pom-pom border because the baby was a girl! The baby I was making this for, which I thought would be a boy, just a feeling, actually was a girl. So, I thought pom-poms would make this more fun and feminine.


I made up the pattern after learning how to do a bubble stitch. But here is the edge pattern:

Do a row of single crochet into each stitch around the blanket. On the sides of the blanket, I made sure I only did eight single crochet for each color block because it was eight rows high.

Then I did another row of single crochet into each one of those single crochet stitches. So at this point, I’ve gone around the blanket two times with single crochet.

Then, I did a row of one sc, ch 3, skip one sc, sc in next sc. this forms the loops that the bubbles will attach to.

After I finished that all the way around the blanket, I changed to the mango color, attaching to the white with a sc in the loop space on the right hand corner. I only am doing the top and bottom of this blanket with the pom-poms, not going all the way around the blanket.

So here is the pom-pom stitch I used:

ch 5, in the 4th ch from hook dctog3, (meaning yo, pull up a loop, go through two, three times) pull through all for loops (half a bubble made), dctog3 in the next ch, (other half of bubble created) slip stitch the bubble together, sc in the next ch 3 space and repeat.

Good luck!


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Marshmallow Scarf




The Marshmallow Scarf

Pattern coming soon. (As soon as I figure out how many chains I did to start off.)

Or you could just google marshmallow stitch and go from there.

But it’s easy and these are made with two skeins of Lion Brand Scarfie from Jo Ann’s.

One Direction Crochet Pattern


Oh how it curls and sways all one direction! But that’s okay, when it’s all done, and takes a little bath then lays out to dry, it all works out and turns out beautiful.

At least, that is what I am hoping. But here is the pattern and so far it’s easy and wonderful. Ready?

Make a chain as long as you want. (for baby blankets I usually do between 30 and 36 inches. finish off and cut. Yes, I said cut.

Start again with a slip knot on your hook, attach to the chain you just finished with a single crochet and single crochet all the way across. Finish off and cut. Yes, cut.

Then start again. DO NOT TURN THE WORK. Single crochet ONE DIRECTION the entire time and finish off and cut each row.

The end result will be a simple fringe on each side.

Change colors however you want and when ever you want. I’m creating a simple stripe pattern.

I’m excited to get this finished up and when I do, I’ll post more pictures!